Temporary Fencing Accessories


    Shade cloth provides 70% block out, providing privacy. Also minimises the effect of dust and rubbish blowing off your site.


    Scrim provides 100% block out. It minimises the effect of dust & rubbish blowing off your site. Required for all Asbestos sites.


    Bracing can provide additional strength for your fencing requirements. Bracing is recommended when shade cloth or scrim is applied.


    Safety Signs are a requirement on any construction site. Meets Australian Safety Standards making your site compliant with WHS.


    365 Fence Hire offers you peace of mind with our combination locks. These locks can be set with a security code of your choice.

  • Security Nuts

    These nuts need a specifically grooved socket for them to be loosened. These nuts are great for high theft or high vandalism areas.

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